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Why start today? A message from instructor Erin Jourdan Berrios


This network is for writers who are just getting started, are looking to generate material, or need a proactive boost to get their creative juices flowing.

✅ Guided by instructor Erin Jourdan Berrios, MFA

✅ Weekly curation of inspiration and writing prompts

✅ Enjoy a supportive, constructive and generous community

✅ Access to a vibrant private network of like-minded writers

This Writing Community is very different from classes that are focused on "the book." Many teachers sell the product and not the process - as if you can get to a book without a focused process. My philosophy is to work on your craft and see how small progress can turn into something much bigger, and richer over time.

Home of Spark & Flow, The MemoirClass Master Class, Accountability Writing Circle, Stunt Writing for Personal Growth and Personal Mapping.

Choose a monthly or yearly plan that includes access to the MemoirClass community and the class of your choice. Questions? Email me at [email protected]

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